Radical Detox

Planet-conscious eating to heal your body, detox your soul and unleash your inner goddess

Let’s face it, the world is toxic. From the pollution to pesticides, petrochemicals to pharmaceuticals, our bodies are under assault. Ready-made food and pseudo-“health” snacks, 3am bedtimes and gallons of coffee, stress at work, fast-paced living—our bodies aren’t getting the nutrients, rest, and love needed to heal. Body and soul are struggling under the burden of our toxic environment.

And this manifests in various ways—weight gain, bloating, sluggish digestion, tiredness, two colds a year guaranteed, unstable emotions, lack of motivation, depression, cravings for comfort foods… do you struggle with any of these?

I bet you’re sick and tired of trying fad diets, uncomfortable cleanses and dismal detoxes that are too complex, restrictive and impractical, and leave you feeling drained, hungry, and on the war-path. I’ve been there—diets are a con. They aren’t sustainable, and they fail to address the emotional issues behind why we over-eat.

It’s not a diet you want, it’s a lifestyle—a plant-based lifestyle

Health has nothing to do with counting calories, feeling inadequate, beating yourself up for not matching up to some impossible beauty ideal. And it’s not about forcing your body into a pre-defined box—paleo, vegan, fat-free, 5:2—whatever. The healthiest lifestyle is one that supports you, and does the least harm to your body, to animals, and to the planet. It’s about finding the foods you love, that love you back, and knowing how to combine them to make delicious healthy meals that flood your body with goodness, energize you, help you focus, and make you feel amazing. It’s about being comfortable with who you are, knowing you ARE beautiful, gorgeous and powerful—with your shadow and your light—just as you are. It’s about believing in yourself and letting your inner goddess shine through.

Let me help you dive into health

I will:

  •   Create a detox plan that works around your unique goals, tastes and needs.
  •   Design a self-care routine you can follow no matter how busy you are.
  •   Help you clear your home of toxic foods and chemical products and replace them with natural alternatives.
  •   Assist you in transitioning to a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle with tips, tricks and recipes for quick meal preparation (and guilt-free treats!).
  •   Give you tools and strategies to unpick the beliefs that keep you stuck, and set your inner goddess free.

My mission is to empower women to release the negative thought patterns that keep them locked into self-doubt, and unleash the vibrant, confident, wild and wise woman within.

Sound good?

I’d love to hear from you – contact me to book a free 15 minute skype consultation.

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A free Step by Step Detox e-book to get you started on your journey to health and happiness!