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I’m a freelance writer and content strategist passionate about helping conscious, ethical brands connect with their tribe and grow their business. My mission is to create a greener, healthier, happier world, one article at the time.

Whether you’re a new business and unsure where to begin, or an established brand in need of some empowering new content: you’re in the right place.




My Services

  •   Content consulting and strategy
  •   Blog posts
  •   Articles
  •   Guest posts
  •   Email sequences
  •   Lead magnets
  •   Ghost-writing
  •   E-books
  •   Proofreading and editing


  •   Green living and ethical products
  •   Raw, vegan, plant-based food
  •   Natural supplements
  •   Emotional eating
  •   Scientifically backed-up health articles
  •   Self-healing with nutrition
  •   Preventing disease with diet
  •   Mental wellbeing and spirituality (because what you put into your mind is just as important as what you put on your plate!)


Who Do I Work With?

I work with eco-entrepreneurs, light workers, life coaches, health coaches, plant-based lifestyle promoters, veggie food bloggers, environmental activists and pacifists, natural beauty ambassadors, designers and suppliers of ethical products… If you have something amazing to share with the world, whether that is a superfood supplement, a healing workshop, an empowering book or anything green, it’s time to dive into conscious marketing.



What is Conscious Marketing?

Conscious marketing is a way of building a more collaborative world through the sharing of empowering, relevant information (conscious content) to promote ethical, useful, people&planet-friendly products and services. Where conventional marketing creates the problem, usually by playing on emotions and insecurities, and provides the solution through the product or service being advertised, conscious marketing offers valuable  advice that truly helps customers, and builds trust and repeat business.



Why me?

Because writing and sharing empowering information is my passion. I believe this is how we spark the consciousness revolution that our planet so desperately needs – every time an article helps one person make a positive change in their life, it adds to the light. It’s not about feeling small and powerless, because each tiny ripple counts. Your website is part of that movement.

I will work with you to create the perfect content for your needs, so that your website becomes a go-to platform in your niche. I will do the research and provide top quality articles and posts that will help your audience connect with you.



Mel Bee will take your writing to the next level. Her ability to emulate your tone and style is unmatched in this industry. Mel has helped me with dozens of writing projects & counting and even helped me score a book deal. Could not run my business without her!

Allison Melody

Owner/Host, Food Heals Nation

Mel has been so easy to work with. Reliable, professional and most of all she understood what we wanted to achieve with the book. It definitely helped that she has the same life principals as us and that we connected through that very strongly. We would recommend Mel as a writer as she has really helped bring our book to life. We look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Masa & Michael Ofei

Founders, The Minimalist Vegan

Melanie is one of the best freelancers I’ve ever worked with. She’s detail oriented, fast and an effective communicator. She wrote two e-books for my coffee brand, and the quality of content was remarkable. She went above and beyond my expectations and delivered on time. I still use her services and always will. Highly recommended.

Fahad Mukunzi

Owner, Ethical Cup Coffee

Mel is an exceptional writer: clear, engaging, and enthusiastic. Charismatic and bright, she brings even the most drab and dull topics to life. We’re lucky at Healthy Hemp Oil to have her on the team.

Cheyenne Mullen

Marketing Administrator, Healthy Hemp Oil

Mel has got a fantastic level of knowledge on all health related matters, specifically healthy eating and diet. She was our head writer on our The Diet Supplement blog and it was always a pleasure to publish one of Melanie’s articles due to the in-depth knowledge and detail.

Richard Merry

Owner, The Diet Supplement Co.

Mel is a pleasure to work with! Great article. Will definitely hire her again.

Oksana F

Owner, A Healthy Plate

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