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Welcome to my page, a website dedicated to spreading (health) conscious content, empowering women, and sparking a global rEVOLution.




Radical detox

Get to the root of your overeating patterns, detox your world, and free your inner goddess.

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Why me? Why here? Why now?

Radical Content

Content solutions for conscious businesses—captivate your audience and ignite positive change.

Radical [ˈradɪk(ə)l]


1. of or going to the root or origin (a radical difference)

2. favoring drastic change (a radical idea)

Bee [biː]


1. beautiful buzzing pollinator

2. short for Mrs Bee (me!)

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Losing My Meet-up Virginity in Brighton

My very first Meet-up. It feels right and proper that it should be here, in Brighton, that I dip my toe tentatively into this new social thing. Ah, Brighton. Veggie cafes. Street art. Retro shops. Fragrant wafts from almost every street corner past a certain time of...

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